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Our guided audio meditations are timeless classics that give beautiful support to spiritual advancement.


Browse these collections and find the perfect meditation to complement your spiritual practice and inner journey.




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 Each meditation is a sacred journey that illumines the pathways into your core divine essence.


They are custom produced to induce lucid brainwave states and energy body recalibration. 


No two are alike!

Guided Audio Meditations


Our guided audio meditations are presented on a platform of self-empowered living through divine principles. 


The purpose of these meditations is to help you authentically integrate spiritual truths and metaphysical understanding.

Guided Audio Meditations for Spiritual Development

Guided Audio Meditations features a large selection of guided meditations that give beautiful support to spiritual advancement and phases of Greater Self realization. 

This catalog is presented by I AM Avatar and spiritual luminary, Tiara Kumara. One of Tiara’s greatest passions lies in the creation of meditative transmissions for those on the path of advanced spiritual development. There is a lot of love and care put into each and every audio meditation.

Enjoy this exquisite meditative experience that brings you deeper into the self realization of your core divinity.