Transcend Victim Consciousness

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Rising out of the shadows of victimization is a master key that unlocks the door of empowerment into sovereign unity and inner peace.
(30 min.)

Victim consciousness is having beliefs that something outside of us is responsible for what we experience. Someone who has victim mentality feels 'at the mercy of' external influences and commonly blames and projects to the outside as a way to bring justification. Many people view personal experiences as events that happen 'to' them. It is also very common to allow someone or something external to us to determine how we feel. Our thoughts are powerful things. Fear based thinking; giving our creative power away and victim mentality is guaranteed to draw in experiences that mirror these very beliefs and actions. Until we make a shift in how we are thinking, we will be trapped in a victimization loop, and will never experience true freedom.

Taking Personal Responsibility is Key!

The precarious world crisis now demands that everyone quickly rise into greater levels of awakened self-determination. This means to take full responsibility for the creation of our life experiences, both individually and as a race. Through the understanding that we are the creators of our reality, we come to know that there is an infinite, sustaining power greater than any other on this Earth. This powerful energy lives inside all of us, and is activated when we come into alignment with it. By identifying solely with our true abiding Presence, we come to realize there is no outer force that can have any real power over us, no matter how strong the external influence appears to be.