Divine Embodiment Package

The Divine Embodiment Package of guided audio meditations supports your transition into the authentic embodiment of Divine Presence.

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Your Masterful Reflection
Soul Light Infusion
Source Point Recalibration
Repolarization to Divine Mind
Doorways of Divinity
Gifts of the Higher Senses
Dissolving the Duality Within
Ending the Ego’s Game
Opening the Channels into Higher Knowledge
Strengthen your Spiritual Radiance
Contemplate Heart Series, Part 1
Contemplate Heart Series, Part 2
Contemplate Heart Series, Part 3

Divine Embodiment Collection

This Guided Audio Meditation series is designed to help you step boldly and confidently into the authentic expression of Divine Presence. As the highest aspect of your vast multidimensional constitution, the Divine Presence is the original seed of love and the immortal nucleus of your entire existence. It is the originating source of every constructive impulse, thought, feeling, breath and action. The Divine Presence is your greater self and who you are as a totality of consciousness.

(Each guided meditation is approximately 30 minutes with music background.)