Optimal Biological Resonance

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Morphogenesis ~ Resonance Series

You are recalibrating your energy body into the optimal frequency of your heart and brainwave rhythms while empowering biological feedback.
(30 min.)

The body is a divine instrument, it knows how to evolve and it knows how to convert sunlight to power up the body. We just have to give it tiptop energetic support and clear messages as to where you are directing it to go. We also have to listen to the body.

When we shift the perception to expanded ideas and begin living more from our totality, new biological circuitry comes online. This requires unobstructed channels and clear feedback. The body communicates primarily through the brain, nervous system, synapses and synaptic connections, neurotransmitters, the endocrine system and its hormones. Study about these transitioning systems and learn how your outer life is a mirror of your internal systems. Remember, everything is a hologram and your body's physiology is a replica of your outer energetic matrix. Keep pondering this and you will discover a lot.