Source Point Recalibration

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You are releasing yourself to the light of Divine Presence. This brings you home to the awakened realization that you already are your Greater Self.
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Source Point Recalibration ~ Audio Clip

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Source Point Recalibration is a guided audio meditation that brings you home to the awakened realization of Divine Presence.

Audio Downloading:

After your purchase is complete, download the audio file from the “Order Confirmation” that comes to your email. Audio files do not stream. Please download them either to your computer or to your mobile device via the free Dropbox app. DropBox is a free app you can download from the App Stores. Once installed on your mobile device, DropBox can serve as your digital file storage vault.

These are large 30-minute files. Make sure you download the full file. Our digital download system is designed to be super easy and super simple. Therefore, the maximum download limit for each digital product is five times and then the link will expire. If you stream the file, this will count as one download. If you exceed your download limit, lose your files or have internet challenges, this is your responsibility. We do not send out duplicate copies of your digital downloads.

Once downloaded, listen with headphones.

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