Crystallize your Avatar Hologram


* The Guided Activation
* Discourse Teachings

The highest purpose of Avatar Blueprinting is to help you ascend into your highest vibrational potential. This gives valuable support to the creation of a sustainable foundation from which to thrive in all creative life endeavor. Read more below.

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Avatar Blueprinting Collection

In this exciting developmental focus, we are initiating actualization of the Avatar Blueprint. This is the state of actualization in which our entire human existence becomes conscious of its oneness with the living forcefield of God. Avatar Blueprinting focuses extensively on fusing with this light of singularity, from within. The singularity is the singular self, the one Supreme Being in whose consciousness we live, move and breathe our every breath.

Together, we are achieving a massive inner transformation, recalibrating our entire energy hologram in order to assimilate the light of singularity to the greatest possible level. With these finer frequencies of light, we are reigniting, step-by-step, an awareness of our total one self and all of the dimensions of awareness that we simultaneously exist within.

This has potential to boost us into a quicker vibratory spin, while initiating our departure from the carbon code.