Repolarize to the Eternal Self


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Our current task at hand is to make complete departure from the game matrix. To break free, we are repolarizing our total energy field to the one true Self of our eternal existence. Read more below…

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Avatar Blueprinting Collection

You are initiating grand repolarization of our human blueprint to vibrate in unison with our true eternal essence.This core vibration is pure bliss and absolute peace. This is not a passive state by any means, but a state of consciousness that is all powerfully active and ever expanding into the greater vibrational fields.

As one goes through the phases of this repolarization, the old methods of expressing oneself die out completely. All of the artificial human constructs eventually fall away to enable one to function as a God radiant being. It is only then that one can move into a position of mass influence, to wield effectual service for the highest good of humanity.