Integrate the Crystalline Template, 2


* The Guided Activation
* Discourse Teachings

The more that you vibrate to qualities of the crystalline nature, the stronger your bridge becomes between your physical, human self and your more ethereal and vaster divine self.

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Avatar Blueprinting Collection

The greater unlocking of human consciousness is based upon the actualized vibrational levels reached by a collective grouping. It is crucial that we strengthen our one group body as a crystal resonator, while securing the bridge between our physical selves and our more ethereal, vaster self. Our power to move mountains comes from the unified whole.

To do this authentically, we must learn how to sustain ourselves from the amplified crystalline field, fully and completely. This is where the emergence is happening and this is how we are sustained as the old world continues to buckle and dissolve. This is also how we will best serve from highest effectiveness.

When we live in the highest and purest frequency of the quantum crystalline fields, we benefit from highest clarity and attunement. This is a high level of coherence with ourselves, with each other and with the realms of light assisting our advancement.